Welcome to my Professional Portfolio!

I’ve designed this WordPress theme to help better organise my portfolio as I measure myself against AITSL’s National Professional Standards for Teachers.

How it works:

You can choose a Domain of Teaching from the boxes in the top right hand side.  Each one of these domain options will show you a list of posts that I believe show evidence of my operating, successfully, in that area. If you’d like to look at specific Focus Areas then use the tag cloud that’s in the sidebar on the right hand side.  The larger to tag (or word) in that list, the more evidence I have for it.

What else is here?

I have also added my Twitter feed to the sidebar so that you can see me actively “Engag{ing} with professional teaching networks and broader communities” (7.4) Twitter is a very powerful too in that regard.

If you’d like to see more of my work please feel free to head to my main site www.teachertechnologies.com.

  • Toni Cyrtis

    Hi Selena. This looks pretty amazing. How can I access the template you have created so I can start my portfolio for the National Professional Standards for Teaching?

    • SWoodward

      Hey Toni,

      I’ve got to work out how to distribute it so that you can apply it on a free wordpress.com account. I don’t think it’s going to be easy! The only way you could use this right now is if you purchased your own domain and set up your own instance of wordpress. That way you’ll get complete control over which theme you use. I think, with WordPress.com (or edublogs – same thing) you can only themes they select from their approved store… I’ll work it out though:)

  • Steve Allen

    It looks great, Selena. I hope you figure out the exporting, looks like a clear way of keeping track.

  • Kathy Turley

    Selena – this looks great. A good model of how to set up a portfolio. This is my Christmas holiday goal to start connecting with the professional standards and once again you are full of ideas. Thanks for continually sharing.

    • SWoodward

      You are most welcome! :) Glad it might be useful :)

  • Joy Boath

    Hi Selena, so much information here, thanks for sharing! As a final year grad dip student (on a 10w placement at Blackwood High School in SA) currently preparing my eportfolio, your website is a wealth of knowledge! I’m also keen to delve into how you engage students with ICT. Fantastic site!

    • http://www.teachertechnologies.com Selena Woodward

      thanks Joy! check out my main Blog at teachertechnologies.com for more :o)